Spring Summer 20

SS20 took us back to the cherished place of birth of our founder and designer Larry Jafaru. He was born and raised in one of the widely known slums of Accra, Zango (corrupted to Zongo). It has always been considered a ghetto by non-residence because of the heavy population and disorganized social behaviour of some of the inhabitants. He has always yearned to change the negative narrative formed by this non-residence by showing them the beauty of its complex lives and an endearing positive side of it through fashion.

The Zongo communities are not only settled by Ghanaians but they are also populated by Muslim migrants from Northern Nigeria, Mali, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Niger, Algeria, Guinea etc. They migrated for trading purposes and also in search of a good and peaceful life. However, regardless of the diversity of their backgrounds, residents of these communities still find it necessary to cultivate a sense of unity and solidarity among themselves in order to survive in their urban place of residence. A common feature shared, apart from religion is the use of the Hausa language as their lingua franca.

The SS20 as well as AW19 cotton (brocade) fabrics were hand tied and dyed with vintage techniques by Guinean artisian dwellers who migrated to these communities in Ghana to trade and also enhance their livelihoods.

Larry decided to take everything back to the community that brought him up because his mission is to build a sustainable brand that is ethically and socially responsible to its environment, a brand that will empower and give back to these communities in its own little way.

The brand allowed itself to be inspired by antique shaped and cuts of these settles which are in accordance with the brand’s aesthetic of minimal and flowy silhouettes yet unusual. Scenic brass accessories with gold and silver finish made for this collection were inspired by migrants from the Sahel areas. The brand’s new Najdi sandals introduced this season originated from the Islamic Arabians in the late 17th century and was widely used by both men and women in the Sahel African areas. Purses made with genuine leather detailing and handles sophisticated little satchels and bucket bags with brass handles were made with the brand’s signature material, Natural jute Fibers, dyed in black and grey colours to go with season’s colour palette

This collection was tailored and handcrafted by Larry and talented young people from the Zongos