Soyayya "Love"


Autumn/Winter 21 – Spring Summer 22

SOYAYYA, meaning LOVE in the Hausa dialects – is chiefly inspired by the travels Jafaru, the founder made to the North of Ghana, the breadbasket of Ghana, where his ancestors hail from. The brand fell in love with the countryside all over again. Though nature has always been one of the brand’s biggest inspirations, Jafaru was enthralled by the poetic interactions within the universe – the unfailing transition from dawn to dusk.

In the mornings, the sun would rise from high up on the hills, bright and golden enough to offer the locals the verve for an energetic day. And in the warm evenings, the setting sun was balmy, filled with excitement, love and a certain sense of belonging. It was in this alluring interaction that he realized  SOYAYYA, LOVE is the only thing that remains unchanging throughout times and seasons of life. Love for nature, Love for community and the people who make it worthwhile like you, the Larry Jay Family. The brand experiments with hues and tones that can be seen from dawn to dusk. Shades of golden sunrise and sunset yellows, hot and burnt oranges, sky whites and midnight blues (indigo). 

Not compromising the brand’s classical aesthetic of comfortable clothing, a choice made in strong reference to Jafaru’s Northern and Islamic background where long and loose garments are worn (like in many West African cultures) by both men and women, emphasizing tradition.

This season will see breathtaking handwoven natural indigo made by a team of artisans scouted during Jafaru’s tour up north playing along the brand’s Guinean inspired Tiedyes, paired with well crafted bags and satchels made from natural Jute fibers, Arabian inspired mules/shoes fascinated by large straw hats woven by women in the Upper eastern region of Ghana.