Spring Summer 21

The NOMAD collection emphasizes tradition and comfort. That is always important to us.

We started work on this collection, with as much enthusiasm as promised by the beginning of a new year, in February 2020. We dubbed it NOMAD, considering our cherished clients and lovers of the Larry Jay brand around the world who inspire us the most with their dynamic and worldly interests.
The Larry Jay man or woman is unique and individualistic. They like to travel, explore, learn about people and their cultures and have a progressive view about the world. They have a profound appreciation for nature and all its beauty and wonder. They are the reason we are inspired to create timeless pieces that tell our story unequivocally.
Slightly stalled but not discontinued, NOMAD was still born. Having been rocked with a global pandemic, a race war and several injustices towards LGBTQ+ persons, the world had to come to a standstill. It irreverently dampened our zeal to create knowing that the world was going through unprecedented times. We could only stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters across the world but the journey to forging a global community was greatly affected.
In coming up with the concept for our debut (Fashion Show), we decided to have models of different races, religious and cultural backgrounds to remind us that we are all one people cut from the same fabric of love.
This was our little way of continuing to tell the LARRY JAY story while hoping that we continue to stand in solidarity and support one another.

Fabrics from our AW19 collections to date, have been hand tied and dyed with vintage techniques by our Guinean artisan migrants living here in Ghana. These artisans have migrated across communities in West Africa and settled in some parts where they found peace and can enhance their livelihoods and also trade.
We have a holistic approach to creating our pieces.
We work hand in hand with indigenous artisans and craftsmen to create our fashion clothes and accessories.